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Established Kessel Thailand, joint venture between Kessel Singapore and Engineering Product. Siam Rajathenee East which is well established in Rayong was an agent for the Rayong market.



Resistoflex bought Kessel Singapore . So JV partners were changed to Resistoflex (Asia) Pte Ltd. and PPM Engineering.


- 2006 Kessel became the distributor for Xomox lined valves.
- 2007 Moved to Siam Rajathanee building



- 2008 Kessel started to cover the Rayong market directly to reduce traveling and lodging expenses we bought a small Rayong Office.
- 2011 Move company to Bang Saothong


Product by Kessel


Product Overview

Plastic Lined Pipe and Fitting

Pipes and Fitting manufacturing follow the accepted

Plastic Lined Tank

We are manufacture PFA, PVDF,PP, E-CTFE sheet lining. We got technologic from KESSEL Netherlands, and follow BS 6374 : past 1

Key features & Benefits

Kessel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is Manufacture and assemble products for sale under the Resistoflex trade mark.

Xomox Product

We are authorized distributor for XOMOX ® plastic lined valves & accesories.

Glass Lined Equipment

We are agent of De Dletrich group for Thailand market .

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