1. KESSEL Thailand Facility


KESSEL MANUFACTURING Corrosion-resistant liners offer a range of temperature capabilities :
                                            1. PP : 0 °F to 225 °F ( 0 °C to 107 °C )
                                            2. PVDF : -20 °F to 275 °F ( -28 °C to 135 °C )
                                            3. PTFE : -20 °F to 500 °F ( -28 °C to 260 °C )

Pipes and Fitting manufacturing follow the accepted international standard,especially ASTM F1545-96 pertaining to Metal Pipe and Fitting Lined with PTFE,PFA
(Teflon) ,ETFE (Tefzel)PVDF(Kynar)
and PP (Polypropylene). The most economical liner is selected for you particular requirements.

Thank & Vessel -Lining.
 Lining process are any shapes and size, The ideal for the plastic lining of tanks used of virgin PFA (Teflon),PVDF (Kynar), E-CTFE (Halar), PP (Polypropylene) sheeting, bonded directly on mild steel,or stainless steel. Our unique welding process eliminates the problems associated with pinholes and lining porosity.