2. Plastic Lined Tank

Bonded linings 
Standard : Refer to BS 6375 : Part 1 : 1985

Lining materials Polymer Thickness
- PFA    :  1.5 mm., 2.3 mm.
- PVDF  : 3.0 mm.
- E-CTFE  1.5 mm., 2.3 mm.
- PP    :  3.0 mm., 4.0 mm.

Substrates Suitable for a Bonded Lining                                              
   -  Carbon Steel
    - Stainless Steel

Temperature :
   - Dependant upon the process
conditions maximum 120 deg.C
Method – Steel

Bonded linings are applied to the substrates using
an epoxy adhesive system. The steel is first short blasted to SA2.5 Lining panels are cut to suit, and identified with anumbering system.Where necessary, lining panels are thermoformed to follow the contours of the vessel surface. Upon panel positioning, a vacuum bag system is then applied to the panel and this is left in place until the adhesive system has cured. After thorough preparation and cleaning of paneljoints, welding of the panel joints takes place using hot air welding and welds filler rods of the same liner material. Upon completion of welding a high Voltage spark test  is shall be carried out.